THE Papua New Guinea National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT) is pleased to announce the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) Berhad on the 29th of February 2024, in Malaysia.

The deal will now strengthen standardisation and enhanced industrial activities in Papua New Guinea with SIRIM providing a range of services such as testing, education and medical assistance.

This cooperation will inadvertently safeguard Papua New Guinea against unsafe and subpar products, promote measurement and technical standards for commerce and industry in PNG and improve the country’s industrial efficiency.

Leading team NISIT was Acting Director-General Mr Victor Gabi with Executive Managers Mr Noah Sapak, Mr Benzamine Zairo and other support staff.

The Secretary for Department of Commerce and Industry Mr David Ganai and the First Secretary to the Minister for Commerce and Industry Mr Newman Nipson were also present at the ceremony.

SIRIM President and Group Chief Executive officer Dato’ Indera IR Dr. Ahmad Sabirin Arshad and other senior officials of SIRIM hosted the ceremony in the city of Shah Alam, which is where the headquarters of SIRIM is located.

The deal is to promote cooperation between the two parties in areas of:

• Natural Sciences;

• Engineering and Technology;

• Medical and Health Sciences;

• Agricultural Sciences;

• Social Science and Humanities;

• Promoting Technology Transfer and Commercialisation corporation; and,

• Other research areas, as mutually agreed by the Parties.

The partnership will serve as a forum for collaboration between NISIT and SIRIM for joint interest vis-à-vis a strategic alliance to:

▪ Joint technical setup, research projects and development projects;

▪ Exchange of researchers, scientists, engineers (“RSEs”) technical experts and consultants participating in execution of joint Parties and for facilitating the exchange of knowledge and information of target groups;

▪ Organising and participating in scientific meetings such as symposia, seminars,courses, workshops, exhibitions and conferences on topics of mutual interests of the Parties;

▪ Exchange of metrological, scientific and technical research results, information, documentation, and material arising from the bilateral scientific and technology cooperation;

▪ Joint use of research and development facilities and scientific equipment;

▪ Joint publication;

▪ Promoting technology transfer cooperation;

▪ Industry standard development, calibration, measurement, conformity assessment and testing facility services to establish quality infrastructure;

▪ Networking in industry research development, technology transfer and quality infrastructure services; and,

▪ Other activities as mutually agreed upon in writing by the Parties.

The MOU between NISIT and SIRIM was initially planned for signing in Port Moresby last year but that did not happen due to some challenges faced, hence SIRIM took the initiative to host the event this year. The relationship between SIRIM and NISIT has been growing strong since 2017. The signing of the MOU officiates and defines well this relationship. The partnership is for two years and during that time NISIT and SIRIM hope to achieve all goals set in the MOU, if and where possible.

Authorised for publication by:
Victor Gabi
Acting Director-General (NISIT)