The National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology is the National Standards Body responsible for overseeing to all standardization, quality assurance and conformity assessment activities in Papua New Guinea. Enacted as an Act of Parliament in 1993 – NISIT Act 1993, the Institute commenced operations in 1994 with the responsibility for national standardization activities in Papua New Guinea.

As per the NISIT Act 1993, the roles and objectives of the Institute are to ensure the Institute becomes the National Technical Infrastructure that is essential to provide technical support to Commerce, Trade and Industrial Developments on matters of Standardization, quality assurance and conformity assessment. Furthermore, to provide technical support to effect the enforcement of Government Technical Regulation and Standards pertaining to Quality, Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and Consumer Protection. In addition, the Institute is mandated to have legal custody and maintain all the National Reference and Physical Measurement Standards in Papua New Guinea.

Hence, NISIT programs and services are offered through its dedicated Teams highly trained Personnel with background in science, engineering, technology, management with specialty in Standards-based application in specific technical fields. Our Technical Teams comprise of Standards-based and Experienced Personnel as Technical Specialist in all the program areas and services offered by the Institute.


NISIT Programs & Services

Amongst the wide range of programs and services mandated to be established by the Institute, NISIT programs and services offered to date include:

  • Standards Development & Publication
  • Standards Information Services
  • Sales of Standards
  • Calibration, Verification and Testing Services (Measuring Equipment & Artifacts)
  • Laboratory Accreditation Services
  • Management Systems Audit & certification Services
  • Professional Training Programs (on Standardization: Standards Application, Measurement & Quality Assurance – including wide range of Training Programs)

Commitment & Professionalism

NISIT strives to achieve national, regional and international recognition as a proficient Organization in providing all its services with professionalism and are standards compatible. Hence, the Institute intends to maintain the level of its programs and services as being reputable and benchmarked to international  code of good practices and accepted Standards to demonstration reputability and credibility.

Finally, the Institute intends to incorporate into the success of delivering existing and new programs and services: Commitment to “Customer Focus”. The Institute understands that it is in the service business and is proud to say that it aims to become one of the premier Institution in delivering such services which are relevant, affordable and customer tailored whilst conforming to the principles to the ‘Standards-based and added-value approach’ which is the consistent theme across on all the programs and services offered by the Institute.