THREE officers from the National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM) and one from Preciso Technology SDA BHD visited the Metrology Division of NISIT to assist and assess gaps  in the Quality Management System in preparation for the accreditation of the calibration laboratory services and also provide consultation service for the Time and Frequency Laboratory by installing and operationalising the PNG’s own Time and Frequency Standards.

NMIM Senior Executive Mr. Zainal Bin Mustapa, Dr. Mohd Fazrulhisyam Bin Mohd Nor who is the Deputy Director for Thermophysical Group, Senior Metrologist Ms. Nurulaini Binti MD Ali and Mr. Chong Chee Siong arrived on the 13th of August and spent a week (14th of August to 18th) assessing the Measurement Standard Laboratory’s Quality and Technical documentations and capabilities in preparation for accreditation of calibration services.

This engagement of NMIM consultants was an initiative by the Executive Manager of Metrology Division, to see PNG being a hub for measurement excellence in was the step in the path to be a regional player in the Pacific by the Executive Manager of Metrology Mr. Joe Panga initiated the engagement of the NMIM consultation.

Through the intended Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) partnership between the Papua New Guinea National Institute and Standards and Industrial Technology with Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia Berhad, NMIM visited the Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL) to;

1. Provide consultation Service on the Quality Management System in preparation for Accreditation of our calibration services. The activity undertaken was an initial Gap Analysis on the Quality Management System and Documentation for ISO/IEC 17025 for the technical areas in Mass and Temperature Calibrations.

This activity objective was to analyze when reviewing and evaluating MSL’s performance for the purpose of identifying the differences between the Laboratory’s current state of operation and where it would like to be. It helps to clarify the difference between reality and the ideal system for the Laboratory, in preparation for Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

2.Provide consultation Service for the Time and Frequency Laboratory by installing and operationalizing the PNG Time and Frequency Standards.  PNG National Standard Time and Frequency system is now operational. With the set-up of the time and frequency to be disseminated through Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. The Time and Frequency Standard will be compared with other national Time and Standards. This will ensure that the dissemination of an internationally recognized Time service for our country.

Mr. Chong, the senior manager for Precise Technology SDA BHD, came with the NMIM team to provide consultation service for the Time and Frequency Laboratory.

The firm Preciso Technology Sdn Bhd specialises in Network Synchronisation and Timing System and Surge Protection Devices in Malaysia.

“My coming here is a voluntary service because SIRIM is a customer for the company I work with and since they reached out and asked if I could provide the consultation service, I came on board,” Mr. Chong said.

From his three-day stay, Mr. Chong said: “I have learned from NISIT that most of the equipment in the Time and Frequency laboratory has not been in use since 2009. The person in charge left and there was no one in charge to take care of the facilities.

“I am helping to check on the inventory and hopefully power up the equipment and form up the basis in the future for NISIT to carry on with the Time and Frequency lab.

“The equipment in the lab is functioning well but there is also a shortage of certain equipment that Metrology should get for the lab to fully function. My recommendation would be to train technical staff on Time and Frequency.”

When talking to Dr. Mohd Fazrulhisyam Bin Mohd Nor about his thoughts he said the facilities that Metrology have were fine, however there was certain equipment that needed upgrading.

“I would also recommend for NISIT to send their staff to Malaysia so we can have the staff trained in specific fields,” Dr Mohd Fazrulhismyam said.

“In the measurement unit, it’s a good start for the National Measurement Standards Services (NMSL) under Metrology Division of NISIT, and they have the potential to get further and grow. And I hope to see many PhD holders in NMSL.

“Papua New Guinea have a good Industry and resources and has the potential to be a developed country. And to do that NISIT and NMSL need to participate actively to grow the country’s Industry.

“I hope in the future, Papua New Guinea will grow stronger to be an industrial nation and be a big brother to the other smaller Pacific Island nations.”

Senior Metrologist Ms. Nurulaini, who was assessing the Temperature Lab, recommended equipping the labs and having the staff trained to handle the equipment. She also advises the Metrology Division to increase staff.

“What MSL have now is still okay and need to send staff out to have them train and expend their knowledge and build expertise,” she stated.

“Sometimes having facilities is not enough but having expertise will drive the work froward.”

Recommendations made by NMI Malaysia in the areas of interest (accreditation) were;

  1. Competency Training for Temperature Metrologist and Mass Metrologist
  2. Recalibration and servicing for the National Reference Standards
  3. Proficiency Testing/Bilateral Comparison for the identified scope
  4. Measurement Audit (external and internal) programs
  5. Propose Calibration Measurement Capability (CMC) for Temperature and Mass Calibration services.

Mrs Edna Kuve, Manager Scientific and Industrial Metrology, stated that the visit from NMIM and the Consultant for Time & Frequency Lab, has set the foundation for the Division to build on and improve the current measurement capabilities and effectively implement the Quality Management System we have in the country.

As the responsible Government Body for maintaining and disseminating the national measurement standards, attaining ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation the calibration services conducted at MSL will;

i) Build confidence for our clients.

ii) Gain International Recognition

iii) Shows Competency in our processes.

iv) Consistent and Reliable measurement results etc.