Tuesday, June 29, 2021




Insert: Mr. Dou Bolly (Senior Project Officer - Standards Division), Mr. Victor Gabi (Director General - NISIT),

Mr. Dan Yansom (Executive Manager - Standards Division)


The National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology through its Standards Development Division has launched for sales and distribution three Papua new Guinea Standards. They are.


  1. PNGS 1626 Green Coffee
  2. PNGS 1710 Fish and Fisheries Product (Food Safety and trade Requirements)
  3. PNGS 1711 Seed Potato


The Director General, Mr Victor Gabi thanked the Executive Manager Mr Dan Yansom and his divisional team, also all NISIT stakeholders in the standards development process. This included the National Fisheries Authority, Coffee Industries Corporation and Fresh Produce Development Agency, members of the Biological and Food Standards Committee and all members of the Technical Working Groups who were involved with the development of these three standards.


The 3 new standards are now produced in the new PNG Standards Brand ( Papua New Guinea Standards). These Standards are now available at NISIT through the Sales and Information desk of NISIT.


Mr. Victor GABI

Director General