Mr. Gilbert Ori
Executive Manager
Corporate Services Division

Mr. Gilbert Ori holds a Master of Human Resource Management from University of Canberra, Australia. He believes that establishing and meeting competency standards (both technical and generic) in every categories of jobs enhances individual productivity rate and output and directly contributes to overall organizational performance and effectiveness.

He has over 20 years of Public Services experiences mostly in the Corporate Services Functions, especially in the areas of Strategic HR Management, Developing Work Programs and Plans, Budget formulation and Project Planning, Development and Implementation, Workforce Development and Organizational Performance Management.

He is very knowledgeable of the Public Service Financial Management System, Annual Implementation of work programs and Planning and Budgetary process of the government within the normal annual budget cycle.

Mr Ori joined NISIT in December 2019 is the current Executive Manager for the Corporate Service Division.


The NISIT Corporate Service Division consists of the following sub-divisions/branches: Human Resource Management and Administration; Finance and Accounts; Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Standards Sales.

Each Sub-division is headed by a Manager who directly reports to the Executive Manager for Corporate Service Division. Each manager is responsible for the supervision and performance of each sub-division contributing to the overall performance of the Division.


The Corporate Service Division provides the Corporate Strategic advice and directions in the implementation of NISIT’s legal mandates assumed in the NISIT Act (1993) by parliament. This is further translated into NISIT’s purpose of existence and its essential role in Trade and Commerce for the PNG Government and its people. As such, the Corporate Services basically drives NISIT’s Vision, Mission, Key Objectives and Annual Performance Assessments. The Corporate Service is the custodian of NISIT’s Image and Moto, upholding of its core Values and Principles and its Overall Organizational Performance and Good Governance.

The Corporate Service Division provides the support in responding to NISIT’s strategic organizational challenges and risks within the public services system and operating environment to meet NISIT’s Short, Medium- and Long-Term Goals and Objectives.


The Corporate Service Division provides consistent strategic support to all other Divisional (Accreditation, Certification, Metrology and Standards Development) capacity/capability to achieve their annual targets outlined within NISIT Strategic Corporate Plan.

It deals with issues of leadership capacity and capability, management effectiveness via integration and Strategic approaches in dealing with Risk oversight and management, people recruitment and placements, gender equity and equal opportunity issues, work systems improvement and continuous learning, effective financial administration and management support, and resource mobilization and allocations (Capital and Assets) to enable improved performance by other divisions. It is also responsible for the overall organizational Performance Monitoring and Evaluation and Reporting in compliance with governing legislations and laws.

This Division is directly liaises with other key stakeholders such as the Departments of Finance, National Planning & Monitoring, Treasury and Personnel Management and external service providers to ensure NISIT effectively plays its mandated role in ensuring compliance and Standards Conformance in the business of government, especially in the area of trade and commerce.