The Institute is the National Statutory Agency responsible for spearheading standardization and quality assurance related activities in Papua New Guinea hence all our services and programs to date are aimed at achieving that objective. Given the resources and funding by the National Government, the Institute is making it its business to provide all the necessary assistance and technical support to the industries, companies and organizations regardless of size, complexity and scope of business and industrial operations in promoting the importance of Standards and the benefits of compliance to these established Standards through its various quality assurance programs and services.

NISIT services and programs are highly technical and specialized and therefore our personnel are trained purposely for those undertaking. As part of our commitment to the culture of pro-active approach to fulfilling our statutory obligations, the Institute is conducting its operations like all other businesses in the country. Marketing and awareness is considered very vital and therefore stand afore in our drive for increased information dissemination to stimulate interest and encourage the uptake by all the interested stakeholders. It is for this course that this Publication has come about in providing some step forward.

We are keen to expand and reach out to all as “Standards and Conformance” is cross-cutting across all sectors and issues of business, commerce and trade at the
domestic, regional and international level. The application of Standards and Conformance programs and activities also covers issues and aspects of health, safety, environment and quality and the Institute is therefore committed to the course. Hence, the Institute aims to promote the practice and culture of compliance to established Standards for any purposes pertaining to industrial and economic needs and requirements beside all other social obligations.

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